Our patients speak out about the stellar care they received at the Retina Macula Institute:


This is the story of Roman, a teenager who turned to his mom one day and said “Mom, I can’t see that well.” After going to see Dr. Gallemore he had this story to tell…
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Meet John, a young man who suffered unexpected trauma to his eye. Hear him tell about his experience with Dr. Gallemore…
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All The Way From Russia

This is the story of a woman who traveled far and wide and has “seen so many doctors” for her eye condition. Hear about how she learned Dr. Gallemore had “the right combination” for her…
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Dear Dr. Gallemore,
A big thank you for saving my eyesight in the left eye and keeping the right eye normal.

This was due to your vast knowledge and your aggressive approach to treatments. You and your entire staff at Retina Macula Institute must be congratulated for their professionalism, care and concern during this whole process.

I would also like to thank you for the opportunity to be in the clinical study program using state-of-the-art equipment, aggressive procedures and a well trained staff.

You already stressed that it is more than just eye treatment that is important. it’s the combination of proper diet, exercise, hygiene along with continuing treatments.

With each trip my wife and I take in our motor home, we always say – Thank you Dr. Gallemore! It is you who has made this possible.

Most sincerely,
L. Harry Peck

Complete Care

Stella Jou Thank you for seeming last Thursday and send me over to Kaiser to se Dr. Ameli. He performed the barricuda retina laser surgery right after the examination. And post-op was also scheduled on the 20th of this month. if everything goes well, I will be going to Panama with Dr William Liu’s mission team.
I felt very blessed to be your patient. Without your “complete” care, I would not even want to imagine what would happen to my left eye! Your staff and you are wonderful! I appreciate all of your help! God bless you.
Stella Jou

Vacation Emergency

Dear Dr. Gallemore,
My wife Barbara and I would like to thank you very much for attending to my torn retina in our emergency situation. I am especially appreciative of you allaying my concerns by contacting our ophthalmologist, Dr. Ashburn in Washington D.C. As you know, Dr. Michael Lai of the Retina Group of Washington has already attested to your skillful attachment in his report of june 10.
It is always unsettling to have a serious health problem when on vacation and we were very fortunate to be sent to you for repair. Your entire staff was warm, professional and courteous.

Jerome Gumbiner

Vision 20:25

Dear Dr. Gallemore,
This is a note to thank you for the very successful surgery that you performed last October to correct my macular pucker.
Dr. Joshi removed the cataract last week, and my vision in that eye measured 20:25. I am thrilled!
I want you to know how much I appreciated your encouragement every time I visited you, keeping my spirits positive, and helping me to not feel discouraged. So thank you again for everything. I am very appreciative.

best Regards,
Joe Stevens

Thinking Outside the Box

Thanks A BunchDr. Gallemore,
Words cannot express how much I appreciate you and your effort to save my eyesight. your words of encouragement mean a great deal to me.
Thank you so very much for your dedication and professionalism.
Sally P.

Keep Surfing

Dear Dr. Gallemore,
I shall forever be grateful to you for care over these several years. Your attention to me has been, not only as a physician, but to me as a close friend as well. Thank you so very much.
During the coming days, I shall attempt to reach Dr. David Boyer to make an appointment for him to see me. I am sure that, if he needs any information that you will be available to him as well as any records of my case which he might require. I shall stay in touch with you and visit when I am in the area.
With fondest personal regards,
Bernard (Buddy) Litten
P.S. Keep Surfing.

Thinking Outside the Box

Manhatten BeachDear Dr. Gallemore:
Thank you so much for being the type of Doctor who thinks “Outside the box”.
I didn’t know you knew I had had breast cancer. For you to know that I related my headaches to the possibility hat I might have metastasized to my brain amazed me.
Thank you for being such a good and caring Doctor.
Frances Clark Johnson


Hello Dr Gallemore, I just happened to be thinking of you today. I am sure you do not remember me but I had a detached retina (2004, I think give or take a year) that you operated on twice. I was on vacation from Rhode Island visiting my daughter, Lynne Pichette, who lived in Woodland Hills. My lucky day was when I was accepted by you for surgery. Just wanted to let you know that I am doing well and am still seeing Dr Jorge Arroyo in Boston. I think of you often and thank God that I had the best care. Hope you life is going well. You are in my thoughts, prayers and gratitude.
Jeanette Harrington, grateful patient.

Our Eyes are One of Our Most Amazing Assets

Robert Rankin skiing

Dear Dr. Gallemore,

I wanted to express my most sincere appreciation and thanks to you and your staff for the prompt and professional care I recently received for my detached retina. As you well know, my condition was urgent and I was treated immediately despite my insurance initialy denying authorization. As fate would have it that day, by chance I had an optomitrist appointment booked that day that my retina was detaching.
Dr. Flemming was fantastic and realized my urgency and called your office right away.

As a professional mountain and ski guide, I work with very high end cliental that recognize professionalism and what that term entails. The resort I work at caters to some of the wealthiest people in the world so I aim to be the best of the best. I’ve observed that with you and your drive for excellence in the admirable career you’ve chosen.

Our eyes are one of our most amazing assets and the thought of partial or full vision loss would be terrifying. I’m sure you deal with it everyday and it must be difficult.

With my chosen career, I have been blessed to see sights very few could experience. So with your care that I received, I can continue to live and appreciate those images even more now. Keep the amazing work and thank you again!

– Robert Rankin, Chief Avalanche Forecaster and Senior Lead Guide, Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, Blue River, BC, Canada